self portrait

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earlier this year, on august 7th, the day before my 37th birthday, I wrecked on my bicycle my collar bone was broken and I needed to have surgery. I am all healed now, but for several months it was tons of oxycodone, and no real lifting. I did a lot of black and white pastels during this time. I seldom do self portraits, but I thought I should do one to document this time.


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several years back i moved into a house, had no box spring under my twin sized mattress, (more…)

Rainy Day Singalong • songs from the kitchen

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Rainy Day Sing Along

by Brian Wayne Jansen


Rainy Day Sing Along


“and it’s raining in Topeka,

I think that’s in Kansas,

and that’s far away from here,

but it feels like only a daydream away.

when I know for a fact,

that even Happy People get the blues.


ladadadudee, ladadadudeee, ladadaduday.

and it seems like there’s only

sad news on my doorstep, in the paper,

that’s why I don’t read it, I just leave it as it stands,

and I don’t buy into your big, commercial demands,

when I know for a fact that even, Happy People get the blues.

ladadadudee, ladadadudee, ladadaduday.

Rainy Day Sing Along

– Brian Wayne Jansen

songs from the kitchen

scenes from a break up

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This is a series I did to back in 2013.  I am currently displaying a new painting from the series nightly on my instagram feed @skinnybjansen. But how did these paintings come to be? What is the story behind their inception? To find that out, watch the video below! Cheers!